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Pecan's predictive analytics suite is highly
accurate and catered for
effective data analysis and visualization.
Our overall goal is to deliver data-driven
solutions and cutting-edge tools for both large
and small businesses.

Product suite

Political modeling

Our algorithms help you identify the voters who are most likely to support your candidate and then target these voters based on their geographical location. Our proprietary technology generates score-driven call and walk canvassing lists and incorporates over 400 data points for each voter.

Healthcare Analytics

We mine large healthcare and clinical databases to discover critical insights, develop complex visualizations and use our patented predictive algorithms to optimize patient outcomes and care.

Environmental Informatics

We have 15 years of deep, institutional knowledge of large environmental and climate databases. Our tools draw on statistical and computational algorithms to accurately predict and assess environmental risk due to catastrophic and extreme weather events such as tornadoes, heavy rainfall, storm surge, blizzards and hurricanes.

Engineering and Cybersecurity

Our sophisticated data visualizations and machine learning algorithms can help optimize engineering process workflows and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Our tools can help engineers to predict faults early, prevent network intrusions and ultimately save revenue.

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Dr. Bill Cassidy
US Senator (Louisiana)

Close races are won on the margin. The ability to identify voters on the margins and, most particularly, those voters your opponent may not know about is key to success. Our election in Louisiana moved from a hope, to a close election, to a decisive victory using the data analytics suite built by Pecan Analytics.

Proven results

In 2014, Bill Cassidy won the Louisiana Senate Race over three-time incumbent Mary Landrieu. Using our voter targeting application, Senator Cassidy’s team discovered that veterans, particular groups of women, and a subset of Vietnamese voters were crucial voter segments in Louisiana. Using the visual analytics interface and our phone banking suite, the Cassidy Campaign Staff were able to locate the most relevant districts in Louisiana and generate highly accurate call lists for those areas.

Our vote prediction was a mere 0.2% different from actual election results.

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